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Children and Parents Support

Bloomfield Psychology offers supports for parents and children to promote well-being, resilience and positive family relationships.

Parenting can be the most challenging experience we ever had.  As parents, we wish to provide the best of care for our children but often other pressures or demands get in the way or our children may come with special needs. Parenting can be such a bewildering, confusing and at times frustrating experience.

We can assist your children to:

  • Perform better in their school work
  • Manage their own stress and anxiety
  • Savor the present moment
  • Be more self-aware
  • Have more resilience, bouncing back more easily
  • Have positive and optimistic outlook
  • Communicate better
  • Concentrate better
  • Have a good relationship with other children and adults
  • Be curious and keen to explore new things
  • Understand and regulate their emotions better
  • Have more confidence
  • Be motivated and engaged with life

How we can help you as a parent

We offer parenting support to handle the everyday challenges and commitments and beyond. The aim is to develop strategies for everyone to be able to be more aware, to respond, in a calm and effective way, rather than being in automatic mode or react impulsively. The everyday commitments can be dealt with more calm and effectiveness.  In addition, effective ways of communicating can be explored to promote mutual understanding within the family.

We offer a Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Communication skills and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy all of which are evidence-based approaches, to promote stress management, resilience, well-being and positive relationships.

We will listen to you, we will provide you with an assessment and then present strategies to meet your specific needs and circumstances. Together, we will explore practical and effective ways to resolve your challenges to build emotional resources for the whole family. We will aim to provide you with practical and effective strategies to raise happy, confident and resilient children.

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